Pearl swirl

Short Description:

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China


Material:Zinc Alloy


Usage:DND games

Style:Rounded Sides

Logo:Customized Logo

Item:Dice Set -RPG Dungeons

Color:Customized Color


Product name:Dice Set

Name:Zinc Alloy Meta Polyhedral Dice

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Silver with yellow pearl swirl

Rainbow with purple pearl swirl

Gold with pink pearl swirl

Copper with teal pearl swirl

Copper with rose red glitter

Gold with red and black pearl swirl

Silver with yellow and pink pearl swirl

Rainbow with yellow and pink pearl swirl

Silver with purple and green pearl swirl

Pearl silver with blue and pink pearl swirl

Plating process

Normal plating


Italics design



Detailed introduction

1,Dice is made of zinc alloy, size around 14-20mm. There are 7pcs for one set.(D4-D20)Usually ,they are used for D&D games.

2,OEM is acceptable.Custom design and color are workable.We have professional development team.

3,Packing method. Regular packing(PP bags)and tin boxes(Round shape and square shape)Logo can be printed on the lid.

4,Sample can be sent to you for inspection before bulk order.


Above designs are hanging plating process

We are able to do 20 different colors by hanging plating manufacturing process,like shiny gold,pearl gold,shiny silver ,pearl silver,.copper and antique copper,pearl copper etc..Or we can do customized colors as requested.

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Choosing D&D Dice

Dice are a necessary tool for nearly all roleplaying games. But they’re not just a tool. Along with the players, they rest at the heart of the game. They are the final arbiter. The hand of fate. Like the three Moirai, guiding the story and the destiny of the characters.

As such, most roleplayers take their choice of dice seriously.

Choosing the right D&D dice is a matter of taste, of course. Finding the right color, transparency, weight, size, or finish can be vitally important. The D&D dice set can be a physical reflection of the character being played, or symbolic of the setting, or they can make a personal statement about the player themselves.

And if you use miniatures, why take the time to pick out and paint a great miniature for your character but then use the same old dice? Grab a set of interesting D&D dice that match your character as well! Fiery dice for a fire wizard, steel grey dice for a fighter, shimmering gold dice for a cleric… the possibilities are nearly endless.

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    Die casting                                                          Polishing                                                     Plating                                                    Painting
    About D&D Dice Sets

    We have a lot of individual polyhedral dice for sale, but if you’re a serious roleplayer you know you have to have at least one 7-piece set of D&D dice. These sets are always made up of the following dice: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d%, 1d12, and 1d20.

    And we could maybe get away with carrying only a few styles or colors of D&D dice, but what’s the fun in that? If you’re going to be rolling for your epic character, you really should do it with some style. And we’ve got a huge array of colors and styles of dice to choose from.

    Eeverybody has different tastes and preferences so no matter what your favorite color or which type of character you’re playing, we’ve got you covered with some dice sets that you’ll be more than happy to add to your collection


    Q:How long does it take to make samples?

    A:25-30 days.(This is for making mold of custom design) 3-5 days for custom color by our mold.

    Q:What is your MOQ

    A:No MOQ if we have inventory.50 sets for each for custom color.

    Q:How long is your delivery period?

    A:Normally 18-23 days.

    Q:Do you have relevant testing report?

    A:Yes we do

    Q:Which way to transport?

    A:By courier(like DHL,UPS..)or By sea

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